A bit of cryptography, passwords strength, and sysadmins of savings banks

This recent webcomic from xkcd, Password Strength, relates to what I’ve been investigating lately–the question of whether there need be a tradeoff between password strength and ease of recall, using, as usual, my knowledge of finite algorithmic information theory. While my conclusions will be presented in a paper in the next few months/years, the webcomic […]

Meaning is in the word net: cyclic self-referential definitions, dictionaries and found in translation

In the “Period 1 Cycle English Dictionary” published by “No way, Inc.” (it’s been said to be the most accurate dictionary ever) one can read: dog (Noun) : a dog is a dog. The lazy creators of this dictionary appear to have forgotten what is broadly accepted by common sense. A definition would not be […]

Meaning against A.I.

A significant number of researchers believe that there are sentences with semantic value that could never be understood by a machine. These researchers believe that the mind has a semantic component, unlike machines. Their’s is a  Chinese Room type argument a la Searle. Consider Chomsky’s example of two books in a library with the same title, and […]