Stephen Hawking: A brief examination of the recent warning over alien civilizations

Stephen Hawking asserts that while aliens almost certainly exist, humans should avoid making contact. The original story published by BBC News can be found here. He claims: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.” Stephen Hawking recent assertion looks like an […]

Evaluating the complexity of a living organism by its algorithmic complexity

One of the greatest scientific achievements of the last century was the understanding of life in terms of information. We know today that the information for synthesizing the molecules that allow organisms to survive and replicate is encoded in the DNA. In the cell, DNA is copied to messenger RNA, and triplet codons in the […]

Turing on Morphogenesis

Shortly before his death Turing did research on Biology, specifically on the  formation of patterns. He proposed that under certain conditions diffusion can destabilize a chemical system and cause spatial patterns. His original paper on the subject can be found at the Turing Archive []. More information can be found if you search  for “Gierer and Meinhardt” on […]