Leibniz medallion comes to life after 300 years

Stephen Wolfram and I designed a medal to celebrate Gregory Chaitin’s 60th birthday and his contributions to mathematics. Chaitin is one of the key founders of algorithmic information theory (AIT), which combines, among other elements, Shannon’s information theory and Turing’s theory of computability. He did this independently of Andrei Kolmogorov and Ray Solomonoff when Greg was […]

Math and Philosophy, the combination for understanding the world according to Leibniz

Sans les mathématiques on ne pénètre point au fond de la philosophie.Sans la philosophie on ne pénètre point au fond des mathématiques.Sans les deux on ne pénètre au fond de rien. — Leibniz. Without mathematics we cannot penetrate deeply into philosophy.Without philosophy we cannot penetrate deeply into mathematics.Without both we cannot penetrate deeply into anything. […]

Kurt Godel: The writings. Université de Lille III

Kurt Godel workshop for studying his legacy and writings. Lille, France, May 19-21, 2006 My thoughts, ideas, references, comments and informal notes: – The wheel machine, a machine for real computation which I am proposing -as a thought experiment- in a forthcoming paper  on the Church-Turing thesis -Yes, one more paper on the CT thesis!- […]