The 2008 Midwest NKS Conference: What is computation? How does nature compute?

2008 Midwest NKS Conference: Call for Papers and/or Participation GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR PAPERS What is computation? (How) does nature compute? 2008 Midwest NKS Conference Fri Oct 31 – Sun Nov 2, 2008 Indiana University — Bloomington, IN In 1964, in one of the six Messenger lectures he delivered at Cornell University (later […]

Misguiding research on Artificial Intelligence.

AthensOriginally uploaded by hzenilc. The field of strong AI, sometimes referred to as artificial general intelligence or AGI, is defined as intelligence that is capable of the same intellectual functions as a human being, including self-awareness and consciousness, I will call the assumed object of study of AGI just agi in lowercases, not only to […]