The art of creating creatures from simple rules

Having quit his studies in physics, Theo Jansen became an artist. In this video he demonstrates his amazing life-like kinetic sculptures, built from plastic tubes and bottles. His Beach Creatures or Strandbeest are built to move and even survive on their own: I’ve been in touch with Theo Jansen recently. For further details about his […]

Teaching Evolution in Mexico: Preaching to the Choir

Like Antonio Lazcano, I am always amused at the questions  I am asked about Mexico in the United States and Europe. As a biologist,  Lazcano is frequently asked about the difficulties he faces lecturing on the origin of  species in a Catholic country. To the surprise of many, Mexico is predominantly secular in most regards, and this is especially […]

On the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, The Netherlands

Originally uploaded by hzenilc. Models and Simulations 2 11 – 13 October 2007 Tilburg University, The Netherlands I attended this conference one month ago. Among several interesting talks, one in particular caught my attention. It was given by Michael Seevinck from the Institute for History and Foundations of Science at Utrecht, The Netherlands. His talk […]

Small natural and synthetic devices

Researchers at Berkeley working to unlock the potential of nanoscience: High Definition Nanotechnology video from KQED  Amazing how nature produces its own nanodevices, such as motors like the flagella that allow spermatozoa to swim. Imagine how many structures can be found by exploring the universe of possible simple nanostructures! We also know that given a few elements, computing […]

Leibniz medallion comes to life after 300 years

Stephen Wolfram and I designed a medal to celebrate Gregory Chaitin’s 60th birthday and his contributions to mathematics. Chaitin is one of the key founders of algorithmic information theory (AIT), which combines, among other elements, Shannon’s information theory and Turing’s theory of computability. He did this independently of Andrei Kolmogorov and Ray Solomonoff when Greg was […]

Chaitin cutting an Omega cake with Leibniz cookies.

The NKS Science Conference 2007 held at the University of Vermont included a special session featuring the contributors to the volume  “Randomness and Complexity: From Leibniz to Chaitin” (see related post),  recently published by World Scientific and edited by Cristian Calude. The session was organized by Calude and myself. The program was as follows: 9:45am-12 noon […]