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Hector Zenil (BSc. Math, UNAM; MPhil. Logic, Paris 1 Sorbonne; PhD. Computer Science, Lille 1) has held positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University as visiting scholar. He is currently a senior research associate at Wolfram Research, Inc., member of the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee and founding honorary associate of the Algorithmic Social Science Research Unit of the Economics Department of the University of Trento.

His main research interests lie at the intersection of several disciplines in connection or application to the concept of randomness and algorithmic complexity motivated by foundational questions of epistemological and ontological nature. He seeks to connect theoretical computer science to the real-world by way of computer experiments. He defends an experimental approach to science and philosophy of science and has published several papers in this direction. He is the editor of Computation in Nature & the Nature of Computation and Randomness Through Computation published by World Scientific/Imperial College Press.

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